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June 16th, 2011

A good company gives priority to the needs of customers. Its management knows that customers play a great role in the overall success of the company. As such, gratifying their needs in a special way is always the company’s main aim which should be followed by other business interests.

Noble drilling is among the leading offshore drilling contractor companies for gas and oil. It operates with its subsidiaries to meet client needs. Its fleet of subsidiaries comprises 73 offshore units which include 8 drilling rigs. This is currently being contracted.

It operates world wide including the Middle east , USA, golf of Mexico, the Mediterranean, West Africa, Brazil, India, North sea, Asian pacific and Mexico.

Noble drilling also operates and owns a floating production, offloading and storage vessel that is dynamically positioned. Its shares are involved in New York Stock Exchange. They trade under NE symbol. This company specializes in gas, oil, drilling contractor and energy services.

Noble drilling company has been a leading provider of drilling services in many parts of the world. Not many contractor companies offering drilling services can claim to have achieved such a milestone. This can be attributed to the following corporate traits:

It’s proactive style of management; noble drilling does not wait until clients have complaints to handle them. Rather, the company handles issues affecting its clients before they become crisis

Corporate goals; noble drilling had its goals set in 1985 and has remained keen to accomplish them

Noble drilling contractor company has involved in a series of strategic improvement of drilling ancillary and assets since it segregate itself from Noble affiliates. It has involved in intensive none business activities in almost all parts of the world.

These non business activities and strategic acquisitions forms part of it goals which were set in 1985 when it spin it self off the Noble affiliates.  The activities were aimed at establishing a strong market position in the drilling industry. They were also targeted at expanding the company’s drilling operations in the marine and moving the company to new segments and markets. This gave the company an upper hand over the competitors as it prepared it to take advantage of the market that was set to improve.

Noble drilling company has been able to remain focused in achieving these goals and has so far been successful in maintaining a financial policy that can be said to be conservative. This has enabled it position itself in the competitive market and adapt in a way that makes it able to meet the needs of customers in a special way.

Its corporate policy of satisfying customers’ needs before concentrating on profit making has made it win customers in many instances where competitors have been unable. In fact, noble drilling management has always taken it as their duty to provide services that will make them be missed by their customers when they die.

However, noble drilling management has always vowed to continue passing on the culture of delivering services of high quality and improve performance.  This is aimed at gratifying quality which employees, customers, shareholders and competitors have known noble drilling for.